Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Informatics
3-6 July 2019
Iasi, Romania


Invited Speakers

Emil Simion Emil Simion
Presentation title: Applied Statistics in Information Security
Emil Simion is Associate Professor at University Politehnica of Bucharest. His research interests includes probability, statistics, game theory, codes, cyber security and cryptography.
Alexey Averkin Alexey Averkin
Presentation title: Fuzzy models in deep learning networks - a bridge between symbolic and connectionist methods of AI
Alexey Averkin is Chief Researcher of Department of Intelligent Systems at Federal Research Center "Informatics and Computer Sciences" of Russian Academy of Sciences. Vice president or Russian Association on Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing. Research domains: fuzzy logic control, neural networks, genetic algorithms, artificial immune systems, robotic systems, simulation of biologic systems, biologically inspired computing, distributed artificial intelligence, intellectual wireless sensor networks, distributed mining and data fusion, multi-agent systems, fuzzy multi-criterial decision making systems.
Gabriel Ciobanu Gabriel Ciobanu
Presentation title: Several Definitions for Infinity in Finitely Supported Mathematics
Gabriel Ciobanu is a professor/researcher at A.I.Cuza University and Romanian Academy in Iasi. His research articles on distributed systems (process calculi), formal methods (semantics, logics) and natural computing (membrane systems) have over 2700 citations (Google Scholar). For his scientific contributions he received some awards from the Romanian Academy (2000, 2004, 2013) and Ad-Astra Association (2018). He is the editor-in-chief of the Scientific Annals of Computer Science, and a member of Academia Europaea (the Academy of Europe).
Alexandru Ginsca Alexandru Ginsca
Presentation title: Demystifying Deep Learning Breakthroughs for Computer Vision
Alexandru Ginsca is Chief Data Scientist at Atos, France, where he oversees AI applied research activities, with a focus on computer vision and natural language processing. He is an active member of the CLEF and MediaEval multimedia research communities and his interests include: content-based image retrieval, semantic image descriptors, open world image classification, learning with noise, diversity in multimedia retrieval, data quality, natural language understanding, privacy, user profiling, social media analysis.